Since smartwatches can be bulky and heavy, many people prefer fitness trackers because they are smaller and less noticeable. Because of their small screens, these devices use less power and, according to the maker, may go for days on a single charge. Aside from that, bespoke fitness apps are a great way to track training progress and assess personal fitness.

Because of this, despite how simple they look, the wristbands have a lot of complexity behind them. As a result, sensor and software integration isn’t always a smooth process. Consequently, we’ve narrowed your options to just the most intriguing models.

It’s important to know what the best fitness trackers can achieve.

Fitness trackers can help you stay motivated if life gets in the way of your workouts. Joggers and trail runners can use the integrated GPS to track their route, time, and elevation gain. It is light and comfortable to wear because of its ergonomic design. The automated activity identification and the large battery are a big plus for sports fans who want to keep things interesting. Technophile? Connecting the fitness watch to a smartphone should be a simple process.

With so many options, there is a silver lining: There’s now a fitness gadget for everyone, from casual exercisers to professional athletes, and even those on a tight budget may afford one, thanks to devices starting at just 25 euros.

Fitbit Charge 5 Review: Pros and Cons | Idealo Grade: 2.2 | 4 of 5 Stars

Pro + Auto-detection of training

Always-on AMOLED display with a slim design

Battery life can be extended for up to seven days.

In addition, there are numerous workout options.

Apps are scarce in this regard

– No way to play music

– There is no counter on the floor.

The Polar Ignite 2 tracker

Lightweight, strong, and impervious to water: Water lovers, amateur swimmers, pros, and those aspiring to be professionals will all appreciate the Polar Ignite 2. The Polar Ignite 2 has several features that make training in the water easier and regular fitness activities. Regardless of whether you’re swimming freestyle, backstroke, or butterfly: Individual performance numbers may be calculated no matter what the training plan calls for, thanks to the Polar Ignite 2. The SWOLF value, stroke frequency, tempo, and distance are all measured by this device. “Swimming and Golf” stands for “Swimming and Golf,” which is the total duration and number of strokes used.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Polar Ignite 2

Rating at ideal: Grade 2.1 | 4 out of 5 stars


+ Ideal for swimmers

+ Several functions (e.g. SWOLF)

+ Battery life of up to 5 days

+ Light and robust

+ Individual training plans


– Touch function is not always reliable

– Menu is not so easy to use

– No built-in music storage

Fitbit Flex 2 is the most excellent fitness tracker without a display

In all their varieties, Wearable fitness trackers are no longer a novelty in the hobby world. Not only does this wearable help you monitor your training, but it also provides a wealth of other helpful information. As a sleek alternative to massive smartwatches with large displays that can be cumbersome, the device is proving popular. The built-in vibration and LED lights to remind you of your daily goals and alert you to incoming calls or texts, just like on a smartphone. – Only the Fitbit Flex 2’s manufacturer’s Fitbit app or other compatible applications can be used to evaluate fitness data on the device. Casual athletes and fitness buffs who emphasize aesthetics and ease of use will benefit from the Fitbit Flex 2.

At ideal, the Fitbit Flex 2 tracker Rating has both advantages and downsides. 2 out of 5 stars, based on 2 reviews

a professional with a sleek, elegant design, Autonomous monitoring of activity + Accurate measurements + Reminders to move around

On the contrary, only Fitbit data can be analyzed.

– A battery life that falls short of expectations

The price hit: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 tracker

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is a new fitness tracker from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi that competes favourably with high-end products from Apple and its peers in many areas. With the 2.8-centimetre AMOLED accurate colour display, you don’t have to sacrifice any of the capabilities you’d expect from a conventional smartwatch, like measuring heart rate, steps, and calories. There are 11 different performance areas, including cycling, yoga, and swimming, that the device can accurately evaluate. Xiaomi Mi Band 5’s modest weight makes it a great companion for sports and everyday life.

The best fitness trackers Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro has both advantages and cons, including an AMOLED True Color Display and water resistance. 5 atm are required for bathing and swimming, respectively. Readings you can trust plus a “Do not disturb” feature = Sportswear Mods

However, the processing seems a little shabby.

– No apps can be installed – GPS can only be accessed through a smartphone.

Apple Watch Series 7 for iPhone owners

A more advanced fitness tracker is now available from Apple for those tired of the same old tracker. There are numerous tracking functions and sensors, a larger, brighter display on the Apple Watch Series 7, and a design that can be coloured and customized. Its shatterproof and waterproof casing can survive sweat, rain, and even a few laps in the pool when you’re out for a hike. To participate, you must have an iPhone and be willing to spend a bit more money. Apple fans who are into sports may now own a smartwatch that turns their workouts into an adventure and science with the Apple Watch Series

The Series 7 Apple Watch has both pros and cons.

Rated by ideals users as grade 1.6 (out of 5)

The expansive display makes it easy to operate.

+ A wide range of features and frequent upgrades.

No smartphone is required with the LTE version

+ Strong resistance to dust and moisture

Short battery life is negative.

Only compatible with iPhone


Wearable fitness-trackers are no longer a novelty in the hobby world in all their varieties, whether they are a sophisticated all-arounder or a little sports companion on the wrist. They remind you to take a break from your desk, analyze your triumphs, and motivate you to reach new heights of performance — all customized for each user. Regarding health tracking, fitness bracelets may often compete with more expensive technologies such as smartphones because they have pedometers and other features. Contrary to what you may think, their compact shapes make them ideal training partners to tote with you all day. Fortunately, the wide range of fitness wristbands and watches on the market means that there is something for everyone.