A question we all have, Does walking reduce weight?

The answer is simply yes !
Walking is an important and useful sport for losing weight , and the effect of walking is doubled specially when linked to a healthy diet.

When asked whether walking burns fat , it may come to your mind what is the length of time required to lose weight. It is usually agreed that walking for at least 30 minutes a day , at a fast pace with adherence to a healthy diet works to lose weight significantly.

Also, walking has an advantage over other sports , as it does not require equipment and you can do it anywhere, whether inside or outside the house.

it is one of the most fun and boredom-free sports as it can change the place of walking when you feel bored .

How long is the appropriate length of walking to lose weight ?

A question may arise in your mind, should I start walking with 30 minutes ?

The answer is no. Changing the lifestyle from stagnation to movement requires you not to take risks.

so you should walk gradually until you get used to walking for 30 minutes or more a day.

It may be difficult to walk every day of the week.

so if your goal is to lose weight , you must be careful not to miss more than one day during the week..

be careful to compensate for the previous day with the next day , by increasing the walking speed and duration .

as this increases the effectiveness of your metabolism and fat burning .

also increases the amount of calories burned.

but what if you cannot walk for 30 minutes straight?

Of course, circumstances always control the nature of our lives, but despite that, it is possible to adapt to the circumstances of life and reach the desired goal.

For example, you can walk 3 times a day at a rate of 10 minutes each time but at a fast pace .

because walking with greater strength and intermittent periods, is equivalent to walking for a continuous period in a weaker strength.

so circumstances can change a little bit of the path of the goal, but do not prevent access to it .

How many calories can we lose when walking for 30 minutes per day?

You must know that the body needs energy to continue walking .

the first 30 minutes is usually burning sugar in your body to produce enough energy to continue,

while the body burns the fat stored in your body after that period has passed.

so after you start feeling comfortable walking for 30 minutes a day , you have to increase this period to ensure reaching your goals faster.

The body burns approximately 100 to 300 calories in 30 minutes, and this amount doubles when walking for an hour a day.

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