Do not think it’s too late to start your weight gain journey.
Here are 8 steps to gain weight faster for both of you, men and women.
And also, will help you reach your goal and achieve the ideal weight you have always dreamed of.
If you follow these steps, I promise you will get satisfying results.
So let us get started!

We all know that being underweight is a big problem for many people. But before you decide whether you are really underweight or not, you should first check your own Body Mass Index (BMI)


8 steps to gain weight fast

If your BMI is higher than (18.48), it means that you are in good health and have no problems, but if it is lower than (18.48) in this case, we can say that you are underweight and need to gain more extra pounds, not only to get in shape, but also to avoid some serious medical consequences that can result from being underweight, such as (immune deficiency, anemia, a constant feeling of fatigue … etc.).

In addition, there are some diseases that can cause you to lose weight, such as:

1.Celiac disease

This is a form of increased sensitivity of the body to gluten. People who suffer from this disease are very sensitive to any food that contains gluten in any form, which forces them to stick to certain gluten-free foods, which is the main reason why they do not gain weight.

2. increased secretion of the thyroid gland

Increased secretion of thyroid gland influences metabolism in an unusual way and causes the percentage of fat burning in the body to be very high, which prevents weight gain and requires consultation with specialists.
Now here are 8 important steps that will help you gain weight in a good and healthy way:

Calculate your calories.

After you have determined the ideal amount of calories your body needs each day, you will need to consume an additional 1000 calories. These calories will accumulate and convert into energy, and they will be stored in your body in a good way, only if you follow the steps below, otherwise they will be stored as stubborn fat in an unhealthy way,

And make sure you add these calories to your diet daily for a month while checking your weight once a week, and you will be satisfied with the results you will see in no time.

Resistance exercises

8 steps to gain weight fast

You should start by lifting weights 5 times a week for 45 minutes a day, and the purpose of these exercises is to stimulate the muscles only,

and not to strain or destroy the muscle structure.


gain weight

Eating protein is very important for weight gain, muscle building, fat loss and optimal health. You need 2 grams of protein per 1 kg of your body weight every day.

(for example, if you weigh 60 kg, you need 120 grams of protein per day) and this will help you a lot in building your muscles, which means that these extra calories go to the muscles, the thing that helps you have a muscular body and good shape, this will be suitable for men and women, with a small difference for women in the way they perform their exercises.

You may be wondering, isn’t protein a kind of food that makes me feel full ?. thus it prevents me from eating the sufficient amount of food I need to get the calories I need?

So how can I eat more of it? This question leads us to the fourth point..


Use whey protein, and stay away from mass gainers. This protein comes in powder form, one scoop of which equals 25 grams of protein. So if you take it as a shake or add it to your favorite meals, it will not prevent you from having your basic daily meals that provide your body with the amount of calories it needs.

Note: You can take 1 to 2 scoops of whey protein per day, provided that you do not neglect your workouts as required.

So, this is the best way to get an adequate amount of protein without feeling full.

Carbohydrates and healthy fats

gain weight fast

Do not worry about eating carbs and fat, both of which provide a high percentage of the calories your body needs, but make sure you get them from healthy sources such as: (oats, quinoa, brown rice, whole grain bread, olive oil, avocado, nuts and coconut oil).


You need to stimulate your appetite with some magic ingredients, such as: (chilli, cumin, turmeric, …etc).

You are starting to get hungry, aren’t you?

Although we know that some spices boost fat burning in the body, but this burning percentage is nothing compared to the amount you will eat, because the special flavour that these spices will give to your meal will increase your appetite by a large percentage and make you eat a larger amount of food.

Low-calorie foods

Your stomach is like a bowl, if you fill it with low calorie food (water, salad, soup) you will feel full quickly and not take the right amount of food you need to gain weight.

But do not worry. You can still enjoy your salad and soup after the main course, which is after you make sure you have eaten the amount of calories you need.


steps to gain weight fast

Who doesn’t like smoothies?

These delicious drinks are easy to prepare, contain a lot of calories and provide the body with the necessary nutrients that allow for fast and healthy weight gain.

You can prepare it by mixing your favorite fruit with any drink (milk, water, yogurt… etc.) and then add some nuts or protein powder to make it more caloric.

Eat it every day, especially before going to bed, so that your body has the opportunity to get the maximum benefit.

Gaining some extra weight is a tricky process, it could be harmful to your body if implemented the wrong way as it will cause you to accumulate some unwanted extra fat in some areas of your body, On the other hand it is easy and safe, if you plan ahead towards your healthy goals in a smart way, by providing the right amount of healthy calories that your body need, in addition to lifting some weight regularly, and of course not forgetting to give your body some quality sleep, if you want this process to be efficient, fast and safe…

Now that you understand these simple and easy steps, are you interested in taking on this challenge to gain some extra pounds?